maandag 5 februari 2018

Thru hikes... need some motivation?

Five lessons from Homemade Wanderlust.
What she learned on her hikes.
I'm not telling you, see for yourself.
Take them with you.
You'll like them!!


vrijdag 2 februari 2018

PCT Pacific Crest Trail

A guy from Austria walks the Pacific Crest Trail

Wanderlust pro forma !

2017, walked 2016
Peter Hochhauser

And here is his Q&A..


This documentary gives a nice impression, recommended!

"A film documenting the 440km trek through the arctic wilderness of northern Sweden.
Setting off in September 2015 from Abisko Mountain Station, we spent the next 30 days heading south for the finish line in Hemavan, encountering many wondrous sights and life changing moments along the way."

The indie projects

If you're in for more...

Ken Williams

And I have a third for you...

"Last year Team Yeti went to Sweden to hike the first 100km of the popular Kungsleden (King’s Trail). The trail opens for the summer season mid June, but 2015 brought a late spring to Sweden so even though our trip crossed the summer solstice (June 20-27), conditions were worse than expected and there was still a lot of melting snow. It was a slow, wet slog through the flooded valleys and the snow-covered Tjäktja pass. "

Yeti Adventure Films

Still here? Great!
Let's have a look at this fourth adventure on the Kings Trail.

"We spent three weeks this summer hiking Sweden's Kungsleden (King's Trail)
from south to north.

Approximately 270 miles / 440 km in length it passes through
some of Northern Europes most pristine wilderness."

Wayne Fenton

zaterdag 6 januari 2018

Del Norte, also from above

31 Days on the Camino del Norte. This video includes nice drone footage. See the camino like never before.

Aurimas Mockus

The route in Google Earth

This little yellow fellow walks the Camino Francés in about 15 minutes.
Want to join him?
Using Google Earth to show the path through the landscapes and villages.

(For higher resolution set quality to 720)
La gente del cammino

donderdag 14 december 2017

Kumano Kodo

" Giaan Rooney treks the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail in Wakayama prefecture, Japan, filled with ancient shrines, temples, breathtaking nature and traditional Japanese culture along the way. "

Have a look at the sister route of the Camino de Santiago.

Visit Japan Au

Camino Del Norte from Gijon onwards (and also Irun - Gijon)

Often pilgrims walk the Camino del Norte and at about Oviedo they continue on the Camino Primitivo. So they don't meet the last stages of the Camino del Norte.
What does the Camino del Norte starting in Gijon look like?
A focus on path and landcape.


Oh, by the way, if you're interested, here's the part of C.C. walking from Irun to Gijon ;-)
This one has stills.